5 Things Top Hedge Fund Managers Wish You Knew

Hedge fund managers are considered (wrongly or rightly) the elite of the money managers. Their thoughts on investing are usually not generally available. In this post I reduce many conversations with hedge fund managers to themes that have come up over and over again.


Define risk as how much of your investment you could lose long term rather than the volatility or the ups and downs of the market. A share of Walmart bouncing up and down with the market is a lot less risky than an investment in a startup where you might get $0 back.


There is an element of luck to fund managers who are successful. Don’t count on people being lucky again. Skill is what counts in the long term, but it’s hard to tell skill from luck in the short term.

Go long term

Think about your investments for the long term. Investing over many years will give you an advantage over most investors who think about it in terms of a day to a few months out.


Ask about fees upfront — these will eat into your overall returns. No one knows anything in a moment of crisis. In the heat of a crisis (Lehman Brothers, 9/11, Brexit) even the best managers don’t know what’s going on. They position themselves beforehand to react to market upsets and do their best to make sense of things as the situation evolves.

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